Summer School 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Summer School on "Cooperative Interacting Automobiles", August 8-11, 2017 in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

The Summer School on "Cooperative Interacting Automobiles" aims at gathering Ph.D. students and Young Professionals from Universities and Research Institutions for tutorials, keynotes, poster presentations and interactive workshop sessions on  
+ Cooperative Perception
+ Cooperative Motion Planning
+ Implicit & Explicit Interaction

It is jointly organized by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, Germany) and MINES ParisTech (France). We gratefully acknowledge support from the Priority Programme "Cooperative Interacting Automobiles" of the German Science Foundation (DFG), the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society and the International Research Chair Drive for All (MINES ParisTech).

Applications are now open.

We are looking forward to a fruitful and inspiring event.

Christoph Stiller and Arnaud de La Fortelle


    Organizers & Sponsors:


August 8th, 2017

Arrival in the afternoon

19:00 h Dinner  
20:30 h Get together reception  


August 9th, 2017

8:00 h Breakfast  
8:30 h – 8:45 h Welcome and Introduction  
8:45 h - 11:45 h Motion Planning for Automated Vehicles
Christoph Stiller
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT, Germany
11:45 h – 13:00 h Lunch Break  
13:00 h – 14:00 h Ensuring Safety of Autonomous Vehicles by Set Based Techniques
Matthias Althoff
Technical University Munich, Germany
14:00 h – 15:00 h Enhanced Interacting Automobiles – Anticipating the Movements of Pedestrians for Enhanced Situation Prediction
Miguel Ángel Sotelo
University of Alcalá, Spain
15:00 h – 16:30 h Interactive Poster Session with Coffee  
16:30 h – 17:30 h 3D Perception for Intelligent Vehicles
Andreas Geiger
MPI Tübingen, Germany / ETH Zürich, Switzerland
18:00 h Dinner  
19:00 h Climbing park / Guided tour of Schwäbisch Gmünd  


August 10th, 2017

8:00 h Breakfast  
8:30 h – 11:00 h Planning Methods for Cooperative Automated Vehicles
Arnaud de La Fortelle
MINES ParisTech, France
11:00 h – 12:00 h Trusting and Cooperating with Increasingly Autonomous Cars
John D. Lee
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
12:00 h – 13:30 Lunch break  
13:30 h – 14:30 h Cooperative automated vehicle highway systems - California PATH's approach toward vehicle automation
Wei Bin Zhang
University of California Berkeley, USA
14:30 h – 15:30 h Towards understanding human movements in highly automated environments
Cristobal Curio
Reutlingen University, Germany
15:30 h – 17:00 h Interactive Poster Session with Coffee  
17:00 h – 18:00 h Automatic Driving in Austria - Technology, Development and Deployment
Rheinhard Pfiegl
CEO 3Amobility, Austria
18:30 h BBQ / camp fire  


August 11th, 2017

8:00 h Breakfast  
8:30 h – 11:30 h Interactive Breakout Sessions:
"Key Elements for Cooperative Traffic"
11:30 h – 12:30 h Lunch break  
12:30 h – 14:00 h Results of Breakout Sessions  
14:00 h – 15:00 h Closing Discussion, Farewell  


The Summer School on "Cooperative Interacting Automobiles" will take place on August 8-11, 2017 in the Guest Center Schönblick in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany


Christliches Gästezentrum Württemberg

Willy-Schenk-Straße 9
73527 Schwäbisch Gmünd
E-Mail: info∂
Telefon: 07171 / 9707-0


Reach train station Hauptbahnhof Schwäbisch Gmünd by train:
(1.15 hrs from Stuttgart Airport, 2:15 hrs from Frankfurt Airport)

From  Hauptbahnhof take Bus Line 6 to Rehnenhof/Wetzgau. Exit at Karlsbader Straße directly at Schönblick.

Welcome to the 2017 Summer School on "Cooperative Interacting Automobiles", August 8-11, 2017 in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

To ensure an excellent learning environment, participation is limited to about 120 participants. We encourage PhD students and Young Scientists working in Academia or Industry to present a poster during one of the poster sessions. Interested researchers should apply with a one page outline of their own research. Please notice that a poster presentation during the Summer School is expected. If you would like to join us, please follow the steps bellow.

  1. Download our application form.
  2. Fill out the form carefully and send it via email to us, before May 30, 2017.
  3. We will send out confirmations to the participants from Juni 12, 2017 on.


Please contact us at summerschool2017∂ if you have additional questions about the process or program.