Team AnnieWAY

passat After 125 years, we believe that it is time that automobiles really become autonomous. As a team of researchers we have founded team AnnieWAY as a project to implement a fully autonomous car for driving in urban environments. By taking the human driver out of the loop we expect for the long term a reduction of accidents, an increase in driving comfort, a reduction of fuel consumption, and a reduction of traffic congestions. Maybe, in a couple of decades a fully autonomous vehicle assists us in our daily life and autonomous vehicles are as natural as dish washers and industrial robots are today.

Team AnnieWAY was founded in 2006 to participate at the DARPA Urban Challenge and continues to exist as a research platform for the implementation of software and hardware components for autonomous vehicles. Our main research focus is in the development of vision-based sensors for autonomous vehicles, intelligent behavior generation and control strategies for autonomous driving. The team is hosted at the Institute of Measurement and Control at KIT, one of the largest technical universities and research centers in Europe.

Our next challenge is the participation at the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge at Helmond in May 2011. See also our blog to track our working progress.


Andreas Martin
Frank Benjamin
Holger Julius

At present, team AnnieWAY consists out of six researchers from KIT:

Former member are:

  • Christian Frese
  • Tobias Gindele
  • Dr.-Ing. Matthias Goebl
  • Dr. Felix von Hundelshausen
  • Daniel Jagzent
  • Dr.-Ing. Sören Kammel
  • Annie Lien
  • Dr.-Ing. Oliver Pink
  • Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Pitzer
  • Dr.-Ing. Joachim Schröder
  • Michael Thuy
  • Dr.-Ing. Moritz Werling