Institut für Mess- und Regelungstechnik (MRT)

Environment Perception and Representation in Urban Environments


Environment perception in urban environments offers a challenging research field. Stereo vision provides dense disparity maps in real time, which we use to analyze the scene, e.g. by determining free space and objects. We work on environment representations, that can be used in modern driver assistance systems (DAS) as well as in assistance systems for visually impaired pedestrians.

Reconstructed scene of the stereo camera used in the project for assistance systems for visually impaired pedestrians. A stair detection approach can be found here.

Representation of the environment for driver assistance systems similar to the Stixel World representation introduced by Badino et al.  A freee-space estimation method for urban environments is described here.

We recently finished a Multi-Layer Stixel implementation, which can be found here.