Institut für Mess- und Regelungstechnik (MRT)

Contactless Motion Sensing


We have developed a highly integrated, low-cost, angle sensitive motion sensor that does not exhibit slip effects.
This sensor is based on a commercial motion sensor that has been originally designed for applications in an optical computer mouse. Since these chips are mass produced the entire sensor becomes quite cheap.
By interfacing the mouse sensor with a microcontroller and an USB device, combined with well dimensioned optical assemblies, we successfully created a powerfull motion sensor easily adaptable for different applications.


* Non slip speed over ground measurement
* Measurement of 2D velocity
* Absolute determination of position
* Low budget
* Measurement of yaw rate by combining two of the sensors
* Powerfull and easy to use software interface

Sample Applications

We are currently using the sensor for measuring of 2D velocity of a passenger car as well as its yaw rate.


Furthermore we are developing its usage in the following applications:
* Measurement of velocity of a model car as well as its yaw rate and its absolute position and orientation.
* Measurement of velocity of a rail vehicle.


The sensor provides an easy to use c++ interface as well as a low level serial protocol.
The configuration tool implements the whole functionality of the motion sensor. With this tool one can easily setup the sensor in its environment and tweak its operation.