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Railway Localization Group

Group Leader: Dr. rer. nat. Martin Lauer




The possibility to shift the infrastructure for localization from the track into the train lowers the costs and increases the efficiency and safety of railway operation. The position of the train can be determined by combining different types of sensors, such as eddy current sensors and satellite navigation systems and digital track maps.

In this research area we are addressing techniques that allow on-board localization for trains and light railways.


Eddy-Current-Sensor based non-contact speed measurement for rail vehicles

For using current rail network capacity more efficient a precise and secure positioning of rail vehicles is required. Therefore an eddy current sensor has been developed at MRT. It allows non-contact and slip-free measurement of speed as well as detection of landmarks.

Contact:   Dr. rer. nat. Martin Lauer and Dipl.-Inf. Denis Stein and Dipl.-Phys. Max Spindler

Project Details

Detection of railway infrastructure elements using lidar sensors

We use lidar (light detection and ranging) sensors for the detection of railway infrastructure elements. Especially when detecting turnouts and knowing the branching direction thereon additional topological information can be obtained. Using this information for train-borne localization systems will improve those positioning accuracy especially when having nearby tracks or passing turnouts.

Contact: Dipl.-Inf. Denis Stein

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