Automated driving with Joy

Automatisches Fahren mit Joy KIT

A new research vehicle for automated driving from the BMW Group arrived at our lab! Due to BMW's most famous slogan "Freude am Fahren." (own translation: Driving with joy) which was adapted for international communication to "BMW is joy.", we decided to baptize our BMW series 7 with the name Joy.

Last week, we had a first code sprint in which we identified the interface of our new test vehicle. We were able to make the vehicle drive a first round on our traffic-free experimental site by providing an own trajectory to the BMW controller interface. In the next weeks, the vehicle shall be equipped with sensors similar to Bertha's and Bertha's processing pipeline shall be adapted to the new interface. We thank the BMW Group for the car and in particular Moritz Werling and Mustafa Sezer for their support for us.