Final demo UNICARagil

Final demo UNICARagil

One of MRT's largest projects is UNICARagil, which launched in 2018 with the goal of building four modular automated vehicles from scratch. Eight major German technical universities and other industry partners are involved in the project.

Two vehicles each are based on a larger and a smaller chassis. Each of the four vehicles has been built for a different purpose. The two smaller vehicles are designed as an autonomous family vehicle and a call cab. The larger vehicles serve once as a shuttle transport and as a parcel delivery vehicle with a robotic arm.

The driving sensors are located in modules mounted in the corners of the vehicles. For each sensor module, a separate computer is installed inside the vehicle, which processes the perceived data. Each sensor module consists of a lidar, two grayscale cameras for stereo vision, two color cameras for object detection, and two radars.

The measurement data from the vehicle environment are fused on the mainframe computer. A map is used to derive driving behavior and translate it into optimized trajectory.

After more than four years, the automation was finally tested in Karlsruhe. In the weeks that followed, all vehicles were transferred to the Aldenhoven Testing Center near Aachen for further tests and the final demonstration. The final driving demonstration took place on May 11.

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