IV Conference 2024

IV Conference 2024

At the workshop "Data-Driven Intelligent Vehicle Applications", Frank Bieder and Professor Stiller gave a keynote presentation titled "A Data-Driven Approach to Scale Automated Driving: Closing the Cycle of Semantic Mapping, Map Verification, and Map Perception". Additionally, the MRT contributed to IV 2024 with the following papers:

  • Fischer, Johannes; Werling, Moritz; Lauer, Martin; Stiller, Christoph "Test-Driven Inverse Reinforcement Learning Using Scenario-Based Testing"

  • Immel, Fabian; Moia, Alessandro; Hu, Haohao "NavPathNet: Onboard Trajectory Prediction for Two-Wheelers Using Navigation Maps"

  • Kinzig, Christian; Miller, Henning; Lauer, Martin; Stiller, Christoph "Panoptic Segmentation from Stitched Panoramic View for Automated Driving"

  • Konstantinidis, Fabian; Sackmann, Moritz; Hofmann, Ulrich; Stiller, Christoph "Graph-Based Adversarial Imitation Learning for Predicting Human Driving Behavior"

  • Steiner, Marlon; Klemp, Marvin; Stiller, Christoph "MAP-Former: Multi-Agent-Pair Gaussian Joint Prediction"