Royden Wagner

M.Sc. Royden Wagner

  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
    Institute of Measurement and Control Systems
    Engler-Bunte-Ring 21
    Building 40.32
    76131 Karlsruhe, Germany

Ongoing Theses


Royden Wagner, Marvin Klemp, Carlos Fernandez Lopez, Ömer Sahin Tas. Road Barlow Twins: Redundancy Reduction for Motion Prediction. In IEEE ICRA2023 Workshop on Pretraining for Robotics (PT4R), London, UK, June 2023. [ http ]

Royden Wagner, Carlos Fernandez Lopez, Christoph Stiller. Self-supervised pseudo-colorizing of masked cells. PLOS ONE, 18(8):1--14, 2023. [ DOI | http ]

Royden Wagner, Marvin Klemp, Carlos Fernandez Lopez. MaskedFusion360: Reconstruct LiDAR Data by Querying Camera Features. In Krystal Maughan, Rosanne Liu, Thomas F. Burns, Herausgeber, The First Tiny Papers Track at ICLR 2023, Tiny Papers @ ICLR 2023, Kigali, Rwanda, May 5, 2023., 2023. [ http ]

Royden Wagner, Ömer Sahin Tas, Marvin Klemp, Carlos Fernandez Lopez. RedMotion: Motion Prediction via Redundancy Reduction. arXiv preprint arXiv:2306.10840, 2023. [ http ]

Marvin Klemp, Kevin Rösch, Royden Wagner, Jannik Quehl, Martin Lauer. LDFA: Latent Diffusion Face Anonymization for Self-driving Applications. In Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Seiten 3198--3204, 2023. [ DOI ]

Royden Wagner, Karl Rohr. CellCentroidFormer: Combining Self-attention and Convolution for Cell Detection. In Medical Image Understanding and Analysis, 2022.

Royden Wagner, Karl Rohr. EfficientCellSeg: Efficient Volumetric Cell Segmentation Using Context Aware Pseudocoloring. In Medical Imaging with Deep Learning, 2022.

Jonas Dann, Royden Wagner, Daniel Ritter, Christian Faerber, Holger Froening. PipeJSON: Parsing JSON at Line Speed on FPGAs. In Data Management on New Hardware, 2022.