Examinations GMRT / MCS

Examination dates

The exam for SS 2024 will take place on:

Exam Registration

The registration for the exam is done online in the "KIT Studierendenportal" at https://studium.kit.edu.

  • To write the exam it is required to register from 04.07.2024 00:00 am to 28.08.2024 23:59. It is not possible to register afterwards!
  • Students that can not register online should contact the secretary of the institute (Bldg. 40.32, Room 140) at 9 am - 11 am and 1 pm - 3 pm and need a certificate ("Zulassungsbescheinigung") from the students office ("Prüfungsamt").
  • Deadline for online deregistration: 03.09.2024, 23:59 (online via the KIT student portal). Afterwards deregistration is possible in person at the exam administration until the beginning of the exam.
  • The exam can be written in German or English. The language can be chosen on site before the start of the exam.

Registration for KSOP Students

KSOP students may only register for this exam if they are eligible for the adjustment course "Measurement and Control Systems". In case of questions about the adjustment course, please contact KSOP.

Exam Questions from Previous Years

The "Fachschaft MACH/CIW" provides exam questions from previous years together with solutions. The questions and solution are also available here. Questions and solutions of the questions covered in the exercises during the last semester can be found in Ilias.

Examination Guidelines