Institut für Mess- und Regelungstechnik (MRT)

Multimodal Sensor Calibration

Extrinsic Calibration of Multi Sensor Systems

Autonomous vehicles are equipped with a great variety of sensors. The sensors need to be calibrated to enable rich perception of the environment by fusion information of different sensors. That makes the process of calibrating sensors essential for autonomous driving and robotic systems in general. We develop a powerful framework for calibrating state-of-the-art autonomous vehicles with sensors such as cameras, LiDARs and radars.

        Example of sensor setup on autonomous vehicle

Contact: M.Sc. Tilman Kühner and Dr. rer. nat. Martin Lauer


Intrinsic camera calibration

Camera calibration is an essential task in computer vision. It solves the problem of how a 3D point in the world corresponds to a 2D pixel coordinate (intrinsic camera calibration) and how the cameras are located with respect to each other and other sensors (extrinsic camera calibration).

Contact: Dr. rer. nat. Martin Lauer or Dr. Carlos Fernández López

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